5 Steps to a better Social Media Life!

We all love our social media but we all have those moments when we feel like we are dealing with too much. What causes this feeling of tiredness? After all "its just social media". I tell you what it is, Neuroscience (psychology of the brain)! Everything that we see, hear, or read becomes apart of us. According to the book 'Evolve Your Brain' by Joe Dispenza, "The thoughts that produce the chemicals in the brain allow your body to feel exactly the way you were just thinking...the way people think directly impacts their health and their lives." We can instantly see something on Instagram that will piss us off and literally make us want to delete it cause we hate the feeling of no control. I am here to tell you we have control! Here are 5 guidelines to maintain control of your life in social media.



Information is so easily shared today which is great for most purposes but not so much for all. A huge thing that technology X's out is our private life. Your private life is not something you're hiding, ashamed of, or keeping secret, its YOUR private life, you own it. Your business belongs to you, be very selective of what you choose to share via internet, it can all come back to burn you. Everything you do or see doesn't have to be shared. For example: Never let a significant other tell you "you don't love me because you don't post pics of us on Instagram" biggest bullshit ever. Why? Because I love my grandparents soooooooooooo much, more than any woman I've ever dated but guess what THEY AREN'T ON MY INSTAGRAM. They belong to my personal/ private life. My love for them is greater than any post and trust me my grandmother doesn't care if she's on my Instagram she just wants me to visit. Social media shouldn't dictate your relationship. Just know that true substance does exist and it doesn't start with a Facebook status or an IG pic with heart emogis. Plus if you break up with your partner whom you've taken Instagram pictures with people who know nothing about your relationship have an opinion, don't give them one. Your girl/ guy your business :)


Having a ton of followers is amazing but you shouldn't feel less of a person for not having as many followers as others. Focus on engaging the audience you already have. After all, having followers doesn't necessarily mean you are successful. For example, I know a few very beautiful women with over 10,000 followers but no disrespect to them they are beautiful but successful maybe no so much. Fashion Designer Tracy Reeese who's dresses are mainly worn by Michelle Obama only as roughly 7900 followers I'm sure she's not upset that pretty girls that work at the mall have more followers than her. Let your work determine how successful you are not how many followers you have. Oh and by the way NEVER BUY FOLLOWERS there's honestly no point because the number will exist not the people you can only fool yourself.


We follow friends and family because we kind of have to right? WRONG! Not all of our friends/ family are the best leaders. We all have those people we follow by default because if you unfollow them then they feel like there is a problem between the two of you. To improve your social media experience unfollow those people who are posting non engaging or negative content. Remember everything you see and think effects your body. Therefore if you are following brands or people who inspire you then you'll be more uplifted rather than seeing your cousin talk about sex on Twitter all day.


There should not be a profile you look at more than your own. You have to understand that you, yourself are a brand. Brand yourself, view yourself as if you're outside looking in, then ask yourself "Am I inspiring?" The number one person who needs to be inspired by your work is you. You are your best and worst critic. Having control means that you know exactly how to engage your audience and you are happy with your posts. Show the world what you love and how much you love yourself. Looking at your profile is like looking in the mirror in the morning, you want to make sure your image is clean at all times, you can't judge yourself by looking at other people.


Make time for your real life. Read a book, go to the gym, go to a museum. Enjoy life without your cell phone for a day. We have a tendency to get buried in our phones and not even notice hours have gone by. Don't let your social media life be more real than your real life. I say this because I've met some cool people via internet and online they seem to have the coolest personality but in person they are super dry and lack true personality. Trust me you'd rather be cool in real life than online.

These 5 guidelines should help improve your social media experience. Have a real life, putting your entire life on social media honestly gives you little to talk about when people meet you in person. You don't want people to have you "figured out". Remain mystique you are more valuable that way. Comment for views, thoughts, or questions or you can even shoot me an email at info@javonearmada.com.