BMW i8 Louis Vuitton Collection

If you're looking to buy a BMW i8 then you almost have to buy the Louis Vuitton collection to go along with. Louie Vuitton created a four piece set of suitcases and bags that are exclusively tailored to the new BMW i8. Crafted in carbon fiber, all four bags fit & stack down to the last millimeter in areas of the car. How cool is that? Louis Vuitton & BMW what a superior partnership.

left to right   Garment Bag  $4,550.  Weekender GM  $7,600.  Weekender PM  $6,750.  Business Case  $7,150

left to right

Garment Bag $4,550. Weekender GM $7,600. Weekender PM $6,750. Business Case $7,150 does not own rights to the images in this post.