Believe in YOU!

You are powerful! Yes you! The man (woman) in the mirror. Think about it, we get so caught up in time today that we forget how amazing we as humans really are. Take yourself out of the earth for a second and become an alien. Now look at the world in fast forward from the beginning of time. We've done so many amazing things in adaption to the world given to us. We created roads miles and miles long to accommodate transportation. We put gigantic holes into mountains to create tunnels. We bent metal to create cars and aircrafts. We discovered what drugs and chemicals heal our bodies. We tamed nature to create neighborhoods and homes. Most of all, we created technology which ables us to communicate with the entire world. To someone or something out of this earth that is all pretty awesome!

Every-time something great happens in the world remember that you are apart of that too. You are human. We get caught up in competition with race and culture, we forget to honor each other as a species. There is power within us to create and help the people today as well as generations to come. We were put here to create, and everyone has a unique piece of creation within them. Remember reality isn't real, if you asked someone in the early 1800's if there will ever be a such thing as computers, phones or even a car with a radio, they would think you were insane. There is only one way to be & that's extremely imaginative and optimistic that anything is possible for you. Find your inspiration, find your piece of creation & become superhuman!