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Matthew Miller

Name: Matthew Miller

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Where to find: East London

The time I met the mastermind behind Matthew Miller clothing, Matthew Miller himself, I was in Paris attending the London Showrooms during Paris Fashion week season of SS16. I approached Miller & asked, what was his inspiration behind his collection? Miller replied "The beauty of chaos and destruction". That statement captured me. Think of that, how thought provoking? The beauty of chaos and destruction. There's always a mess after destruction. After all, what is abstract art but a mess causing the viewer to seek his/her own beauty and interpretation.

The reference to beauty and destruction reminded me that clothing can be more than just fabric and thread. It reminded me how clothing can be more than just art, it can be a collaboration of many creations and amongst those, chaos and destruction. The Matthew Miller website quotes that, "Miller sees the wearer as integral to a garment's worth, raising its importance as soon as it's worn." I couldn't agree more with this statement. We as humans all represent something. Our energy & beliefs transfer into our clothing, and from our clothing, then into statements in society. 

Miller explained to me that through his tailoring background he’s able to bring a masculine element to womenswear, which creates many edgy yet harmonious looks. I honestly get a young Lee McQueen vibe from Miller. All in all, he let me know his favorite piece of the collection was his timeless biker jacket which was made of extremely great quality. Matthew Miller has a studio in East London and is more than likely found somewhere around that way. He's quite the creative and comes off with deep passion he speaks.  Pick his brain if you meet him, you might learn something.